Carpenter Bee Facts

Carpenter Bee Facts

Bees are bees, right? Actually no, not at all. While carpenter bees (wood boring bees) may resemble bumblebees, they do have a few different characteristics and habits, including nesting patterns.

Bumblebee VS Carpenter Bee - Carpenter Bee Identification

Let’s start with how to spot the difference between a carpenter bee and a bumblebee. To do so, you will need to see their abdomen.

Bumblebee VS Carpenter Bee

There is a Visual Difference Between Carpenter Bees and Bumblebees

The carpenter bee has a bare and shiny black abdomen with some fur above the abdomen and below their head; bumblebees have a hairy abdomen with some yellow markings.  

Many people mistake carpenter bees for black bees for more information on the difference between carpenter bees and bumblebees visit our blog.

Carpenter Bee Damage

Carpenter bees nest in soft wood, which can range from a back porch to an old tree. Because of these nesting habits, wood bees can cause a lot of damage to valuable structures. Sign of infestation can include many nesting holes and droppings. Do you have damage from carpenter bees, learn more about Repairing Carpenter Bee Damage here.

Carpenter Bee Damage | Best Bee Brothers

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees?

The most effective way to rid your home and property of carpenter bees is with a specially created carpenter bee trap. The Original B Brothers traps are created from untreated wood and trap the bees without any chemicals or sprays. Once the carpenter bees are trapped, it’s best to fill any holes that were created by the bees to ensure another bee doesn’t make a home out of those already created nests.